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Our trip brought us to Holland for a concert I was going to play in Wageningen (see "News"), so we took on the opportunity to go to Amsterdam, a mere trip away from there. We took a long time to find a car spot so we ended going to the camping ground to find out that it was actually cheaper to stay there overnight than to pay for carpark in town, which is payant literrally everywhere!! Anyway, we took the tramway to town centre and walked around in search of special features. We had a nice nose around the main square and many little canals which fences are loaded with locked bikes. And after a while,  the cold pushed us to warmer indoors such as the Hemp museum. I have been really interested by hemp for a few years now, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to visit the hemp museum in the worldwide famous capital of CANNABIS.

This visit confirmed all I read and heard about hemp: it grows everywhere and comparatively quickly, it has been in use for hundreds or even thousands of years and it has infinite practical uses. There are so many things you can make out of it (check out the pictures, they feature some of the stuff you can make out of it, including wall plasters, sofas, guitars, shoes, etc.), while it takes almost nothing to grow, and actually grows very quickly, almost anywhere, whithout pesticides (it is its own pesticide like lavender) while it fixes the soil in the meantime. In other words, it really IS THE PLANT THAT COULD SAVE THE PLANET. No jokes. We know it, we have known it for long time, we can do it, we know how to grow it, transform it and use it to our needs. Now all there is missing is the will to make it happen.Please refer to Big Daddy Industries for more information on that matter: petrochemical industry, wood industry, steel industry, etc. 


If it wasn't for Mister Greed, planet Earth would be a paradise :)



Check out that little video GreenMedTV made about hemp and how it threatens corporatocracy, it's really good:

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