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Fundraising is over


A friend of mine has carried out a fundraising in order to help out Nepalese friends of his that are right at the earth of the disaster. His friend directly asked him for help, and I conveyed the message to help as I could.


This fundraising is over now. Joan has collected $2250 from both spanish friends and New Zealand friends of his. With the 100 $ collected through here, it comes up to $3350 being sent there, for the reconstruction of the village's school.


New message from Joan's friend Parshu in Nepal:

"Some of our help will go in rebuilding this school in phujel aapdanda where more than 800children study and is only one with +2 level in phujel".




















Picture shared by Joan on Facebook following Parshu's message.



Donations are over for now, as the money has been sent to Nepal on May the 14th 2015. Thanks all !!



Here is Joan original message of request for his fundraising:


"My dear friends:

We'd like to propose you something. It may be a little bit late because a lot of people have already started helping, but it's never too late to help those in need. And right now, those who are in a real need of help are the Nepalis, a unique and wonderful people.

We use to tell people that Nepal is in the very top of our favorite-countries list, and we dare to say that we´ve visited a few after our two-year travel around the world. Nepal is a 10 in all aspects: stunning landscape, beautiful people and unforgettable experiences. Our 17-day trek in the Annapurna Circuit was an experience we'll never forget and we hope to repeat someday.

The earthquake occurred a few days ago and the steady increase in deaths that rises every day makes us really sad. We've thought about leaving our jobs and our life in Queenstown for a couple of months, buying a couple of flights to Nepal and helping all those people in need with our own hands, doing whatever needed. But we believe that now is not the best moment, everyone's trying to leave the country and we don't actually know how the international aids are organized. Probably, with hundreds of buildings close to collapse, they need specialized personnel to prevent more unnecessary deaths. We're sure that many organizations are helping and that many of you have already brought your two cents.

Less than an hour ago our beloved Nepalese friend, Parshu, a guide we met during our adventure across the Himalayas, sent us an email asking for HELP. We truly believe that we he and all those in need deserve our help, for all that Nepal has meant and means to us. And as we don't have balls big enough to leave everything behind and help them personally, we've decided to run a fundraising through our website.

We already have a bank account in Spain ready for this purpose, but for all of the English speaking people we know the best you can do if you want to help with our small project, is tmaking a donation to the following account: (donations are over for now).

In two weeks time, i.e. May 15, 2015, we'll transfer the money to Parsh and he'll manage it as he considers necessary: buying clean water or food, providing shelter for those who have been left with nothing,... He is a totally reliable source, as well as we are, even though we're sometimes a little bit "bad".

We don't want to set a specific goal as we want to raise as much as possible and send it all at once. We are certain that whatever the final amount will be, it will help the Nepalese people.

We promise to keep you informed on the progress of what is being raised and will let you know how's Parshu living this devastating situation in Kathmandu and how and where's Parshu going to invest all the help we'll give him.

Please share this status with all your friends. The more viral it goes, the more we can raise. I'm convinced that we'll achieve something great here!"

Thank you very much in advance.
Voltant pel Món
Joan & Èlia



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