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The sixth album

Together with the previous album, a multitude of wind instruments to go with the piano base for an orchestra like soundtrack.

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Other releases

Many a story - CD cover - FRONT JPG.jpg be continued

Mathias Piano Man - 7th album CD cover 1


Genre: Classical, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Inspirational

Number of tracks: 15

Date of release: 22 October 2018

After a long rest in composing (four and a half years!), this album was actually sitting on the shelf for almost three years. I have been listening to it quite selfishly I guess. I finally took the last leap to  share it with you :) I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I have been exploring, on some of the tracks, with a different style piano mixed with beats and drums. No singing yet although I have been singing at home for years too. I find the lyrics giving too much meaning to a song when it originally is a timeless universal language. I haven't so far decided upon setting my singing into stone on my tracks. I guess I might some day.

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