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The sixth album

Together with the previous album, a multitude of wind instruments to go with the piano base for an orchestra like soundtrack.

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Other releases

Mathias Piano Man - 7th album CD cover 1 be continued

Many a story

Genre: Classical, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Inspirational

Number of tracks: 16

Date of release: 31 May 2014

Sixth album, as for the previous one comes with more instruments such as clarinet, trumpet, bass, violin, etc. In fact, this album and the previous one I have made in one shot, which is why there were release at the same time. 

The CD cover is a photo from our trip in New Zealand in 2012, on the west coast near Flox Glacier on Gillespies beach. We were, my partner and I, traveling in a Toyota Hiace van with the piano. And for this occasion, we pulled it out of the van, and dragged it onto this beautiful beach facing the sunset, giving us all a memorable time.


Photos by Fiona Craig.


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