You made a movie of your holidays, wedding, christmas, etc. and you want to use my music to enhance your film. Your project has no commercial purposes and will only be used in personal settings.

You work on a project and you would like to use my music to enhance your film. Your project has commercial purposes, marketing purposes, is funded, generates income.

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Lights! Canberra! Action! 2015 finalist.

by Cheeky Creek, Jonathan Holden.

Published in March, 2015


Soundtrack: "Omen to the Living"


Short film submitted to the short film Festival "Lights" in Canberra 2015.


Interview and film by Andrew S. Bishop

Published on August 14, 2014


Soundtrack: "Chillawhile"


"Tucked within the New Zealand city of Queenstown on a clear evening you might be fortunate enough to find Mathias, The Piano Man. With Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu as a backdrop, Mathias plays beautifully original music that seems to fit within the soul of New Zealand as well as every person that passes by. An ear catching sound pulls you into listening to passionately driven harmonies that leave you inspired and emotionally touched."

Mathias, the Piano Man

Presentation of Mathias Piano Man.

Film by Taylor Jackson

Published on November 23, 2013


Soundtrack: "Emerge"

Mathias Piano Man

Short film by Zsufi Pictures

Published on December 19, 2012


Soundtrack: "First step for a thousand miles"


After Thapelo encounters a curious object, visions and the people from home begin to break into his grey concrete-jungle life, he must decide if he has the courage to hope for home.

How far is Africa

Short film by Zsufi Pictures

Published on September 12, 2012


Soundtrack: "Erlinda"

Paper hats

Short film by FTI NZ

Published on September 9, 2013


Soundtrack: "Story"

This soundtrack was custom made to fit the movie.




by "People I know", Justine Moyle.

Published in May, 2015


Soundtrack: "A spark of light"


"Alex Head is a Person I Know who I have always admired for following his passion of making wine in the Barossa Valley Australia. In February of 2015 Alex started his 10th Vintage of his own label, Head Wines."


Promotional video

by Cheeky Creek, Jonathan Holden.

Published in May, 2015


Soundtrack: "Sailing Escape"

Salsabor, dancing with style

This video is about Under 20s.

by Cheeky Creek, Jonathan Holden.

Published in May, 2015


Soundtrack: "Rising Sun"

Sportslife iQ Canberra Raiders NYC Squad


I like to see my music in movies. It comes as a flavour enhancer for the film, and sometimes, it works the other way around. Good soundtracks makes good films. Good films inspire people :)

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