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Music Licensing

A professional project

Music License - Professional

It's a professional project

You work on a project and you would like to use my music to enhance your film. Your project has commercial purposes, marketing purposes, is funded, generates income.

We need to make a Music License Agreement to define the use of the music, the fees involved, the can and can't do, rights and obligations of both parties.


If you are familiar with this process and would rather make it yourself, great! Get in contact with me and send me your Music License Agreement to process.


If you are not familiar with this process or would rather me to make the Music License Agreement, it's fine, I just need to know everything about your project in order to make the License Agreement the most accurate possible.


Send me a message (through the form below) with the description of your project, the song titles that you want to use, the commercial and or marketing/communication purposes of the project, the medias that it will be broadcasted to: social medias (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.), TV channels, websites, etc.


Finally, give the artist (me!) the credits for the music at the end of your movie, looking like, for example:


"Music "A spark of light"

by Mathias Piano Man


In both cases, I will get back to you with the Music License Agreement. Once you are finished with your film, send me the link of it so I can enjoy it too.






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