Start of the trip

June 6th saw me and my little family in Europe. We are going to stay for 7 months ! Visiting relatives and friends as well as France, especially the south, in order to see if we could possibly find a piece of heaven and settle down there, build a home, grow some food, etc.


How: buying a second hand mobilhome, and ride the roads, tracks, mountain tops and valleys. We are going to visit other places where things are happening "alternatively" meaning out of the ordinary way of common grounds. These places include self-building houses, natural homes, permaculture lands, organic farms, handicraft, artist collectives, etc. I set a map with whatever interesting I could find on the internet...and for the rest, the word to mouth of contacts made on the way, I hoped, would make the trip the more interesting!





Play "This is how it feels" of the album "Many a story"

Off we go with all the paperworks, visas, passports, vaccins, etc, fly to Brussels in Europe, get another session of paperwork, visas, folders, papers, more papers, translations, problems, stress, etc. Then we buy the mobilhome, 1991 Peugeot J5 with Capucine (double bed on top of the driver seat), 147000 km, get it all sorted with insurance, plates, equipment, etc.


We drove away all excited on the ROAD BABY !!! Only to brake down 29,4km away. Tamtamtam...the distribution belt had snapped, the threat was heavy as the whole engine might have needed be replaced! We finally flew to Croatia to attend Nikola's wedding (see details in the "News" section), which was really nice as they flew us there in response to our mobilhome breakdown. And when we came back, the mobilhome was fixed without having to change the whole engine! Fiouuuu. "Lucky" we have been according to the mechanic. Then, finally, after a month and a half preparing, waiting, paperworking, stressing a bit, we took off with the mobilhome !!! Down to South of France. Direction: alternative places and people. Goal: to learn, meet, share, expand and grow. The final goal: build our own project in a very near future.

Visit Eourres, an alternative village perched in the mountains where things seem to make sense.

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