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One of the workshops caught my attention: the Rocket Stove. It is an easy to build fire stove that is very economical and very efficient in creating immense heat and no smoke, usually used for cooking but can also be adapted for heating homes. I had always been interested by it and there finally was someone who knew a lot about the topic. 


The idea is basically to create a well insulated small fire with sufficient air intake, in order to use the minimal amount of wood (two or three sticks), create the maximal amount of heat (above 700 Celsius degrees) and practically no smoke (through a double combustion phenomenon, induced by the above, that burns even the smoke, optimising the heat production and minimising the waste).


This is an hour long workshop summarised into 4 lines of text. I believe if you are interested, you may want to attend/watch the whole workshop. It covers the principle of fire and the technicity of building such devices for yourself.

The Rocket Stove Nature & progres Festival

Nature & Progres festival

The vege garden of a curious is... tasty, colourful, daring and interesting.




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