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Another little stand caught my attention too: The Vege Garden of a Curious. The many colours caught my eye and the title spiked my curiousity: what is "the vege garden of a curious" all about I wondered. From what I could see, it's  like a little exhibition of many varieties of tomatoes all set up on a large table. There were around 60 different types of them: red, yellow, orange, black..., tiny, huge, round, oval... most of theses tomatoes I had never seen before and called by names of which I had no idea. It all looks interesting and my taste buds are itchy to explore them too! I interviewed the curious gardener and ate a whole basket of his delicious tomatoes! 

What this man does and has to say I found really important and interesting.



The vege garden of a curious

Attend the rocket stove workshop,  an efficient and economical fire stove.

The Hemp museum in Amsterdam: Hemp could save the planet.


  • Le potager d'un curieux: Jean-Luc Daneyrolles's website about growing diversity, exchanging and selling seeds, promoting biodiversity, permaculture, etc.





Nature & Progres festival



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