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I met Thierry about 8 years ago. I was then 21 years old and my friends and I just created a non-profit organization of our own called "Puzzle Piece". We had the goal to organize events that would generate funds in order to go travel and meet other cultures and possibly give them a hand on casual projects of theirs. But as newbies in the field (back then I was studying International Trade at university, it's only after this that I studied Humanitarian Managment and NGO Development) and as I dedicated president, I searched for other non-profit organization that would accept to meet me for a talk, just to see how they run, do things, etc. I sent that request to more than 50 organizations, if I remember well, and the only and only person I ended up meeting was...guess who, Thierry Vandebroek.


We had a good talk on that day, in the offices of his, back then, new-ish, organization Poseco. And I left there with the reference of a book: "80 hommes pour changer le monde" ("80 men to change the world") which is about societal entrepreneurs that do business in a rather positive way. I read the book many times over and it inspired me. I passed it on to friends and it inspired them too.


Then life brought me to other places and travels, but Thierry and I have always kept in touch. Circumstances have made us catch up around every two years, usually for a coffee in Brussels. It's always been interesting and nice to see him. Although we have about 20 years difference (I am guessing on that one as I don't exactly know his age) we always talk as equals, which feels really good. He is of good advice and supportive, which makes him a good guy to talk to when you have new ideas and projects.

The next time I met him, I was spending the day in Brussels getting gears for movie making. I told him all about my trip and my intention to make movies. I intended to meet people that had experienced a shift in consciousness, similar to what I have experienced, and put them up front, share their stories like I shared mine (see my TEDx Talk). We talked about all the people out there that have experienced such a shift in consciousness. And I soon figured out he was one of them. So I thought I would gladly start with him and give him the chance to tell his story on the screen.


Here is his full story, which I discovered as I was filming it :) Thanks for sharing Thierry!


Thierry Vandebroek

Visit the hemp museum in Amsterdam: Hemp could save the planet.

I attended a strawbale building workshop in New Zealand. It's an incredible material to build with for many reasons


  • Poseco: Positive Economy: the non-profit organization Thierry founded in 2003, which is all about promoting a positive economy.

  • Bruxelles Champetre: The corporate picnic that ended up hosting several thousands of people over the day in Brussels centre. I played piano there on September 21st, 2014 (see "News")





Founder of Poseco non-profit organisation.



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